Floating Lint & Pet Fur Catcher

  • USE METHOD: Put the catcher into top loading washing machine and place it above the clothes and start a wash cycle. The filter starts collecting floating debris and pet hairs.

    Note: Works only with top loading washing machines.
  • REDUCE CLOGGING: Prolong life of your washing machine by adding a layer of filtering to the existing washing machine's built-in filter. Fine mesh reduces clogging and protect your investment in the expensive washing machine from unnecessary breakdowns.

  • Additional Use Cases: Put powder detergent into the catcher's filter bag, with the continuous water rotation will completely dissolve the powder detergent and produce dense foam.

    Tip: Don't overload the washer. It works best with water level is 2 inch above the clothes for ultimate water flow and effective debris extraction and capture.

  • REUSABLE: Made of high-quality nylon mesh, these bags, like today's laundry bags, can be used with little or no care. Simply remove any remaining debris and clean the net.